Beach Vacay! What do you need?

Escaping to a sandy, clear watered beach is the best feeling. Whether you’re going for a week or two, some things are entirely necessary and not worth leaving behind. Here's a short Q&A with our summer-loving, travel-happy Gemma:

Q: Beach bag?
A: Get yourself a nice tote bag that you can fit all your beach bits into but is also strong and sturdy enough to carry at least 2 litres of water (hydration is key)!

Lee Coren Typographic Tote Bag

Q: But what if sand gets into my tote?

A: Getting sand into your belongings is SO annoying, as if you don’t find it in places you didn’t think sand could reach, you find it covering your belongings. You need to buy a smaller bag to place in the tote, either a clutch or something similar so you can place you’re expensive items that you’re not willing to ruin inside.

Lee Coren Confetti Foldover Clutch

    PACKING IDEA: If you have an evening bag/clutch that you want to use at night, use this in your tote during the day and simply take it out at night and you’ve got yourself a 2-in-1!

    Q: Is SPF Sunscreen necessary even if it’s cloudy?
    A: You NEED to always be wearing at least SPF 15 on your face, even if it’s winter. Sunscreen all over your body when being exposed to the sun is needed. Did you know that 87% of sun rays manage to push through the clouds meaning you’re actually more likely to burn? Well there’s a fun fact for you. So make sure to always wear at least SPF 30 (depending on your skin tones) to help prevent any burning or long term sun damage.

      Summer Beach Vacation Packing Guide And List

      Q: How many bathing suits should I take?

      A: This depends purely on the person and the amount of time you’ll be spending in paradise. If you’re happy to rewear/mix and match between ⅔ then that’s entirely your choice and makes a lot of sense. If you’re a bathing suit lover and own enough to have a new one every day, go for it. Switch it up, do it for the gram, do whatever you want and don’t ever let anyone tell you, you have too many!

        Q: Beach cover ups and accessories?
        A: A caftan or a scarf is always a good idea if you want to cover up on the beach for any reason.. It’s all your choice. A hat is for sure a necessity though. A floppy sun hat, head scarf or a cap, any head covering object will help to protect your scalp and to help prevent any sunstroke.

        Lee Coren Arches Cotton Scarf

          Q: Do I need water shoes?
          A: Flip flops or similar shoes are perfect for the beach but if you’re planning on doing any deep sea swimming where there could be rocks or something to step on, your best bet is a pair of water shoes that won’t fall off or allow anything into them.
            Beach Vacation Packing Guide from Lee Coren

            Q: How can I pack lightly yet not wear the same outfit everyday?

            A: If you want to keep your looks fresh, you’re best bet would be using accessories to dress up and outfit. Scarves, belts, necklaces, they all help to differentiate an outfit. If you take a couple of plain dresses, shorts, tanks and/or t shirts, you can mix and match, dress up or down and make the most of the bare minimal!
              Beach vacations are fairly easy to pack for. You’re guaranteed hot weather, you know body, just think what will help keep you cool whilst you’re packing and it should make it even easier to choose your items...But to make it that little bit easier, I've prepared a printable list of "7 Easy steps for packing" to make sure you're prepared for any vacation! 

                Here’s to a Happy Vacay!