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Article: The Vegan Wallets and Bags Collection Inspired by Rome, Italy

Lee Coren | Women's Wallet Collection | Bags For Women

The Vegan Wallets and Bags Collection Inspired by Rome, Italy

“Rome is not like any other city. It’s a big museum, a living room that shall be crossed on one’s toes.”

— Alberto Sordi


Every year we put everything on hold for one month and embark on an adventure, preferably abroad. As a young couple trying to get the most out of our travel budget, our destinations are mostly non-European. The problem is that I love Europe. I love Europe so much. As a result, planning layovers on our way to the way to different countries has become a particularly beloved hobby. An 8-hour connection? here I come!

And so we landed in Rome. 3rd visit for me, 1st visit for Ilia at what was the capital of the ancient Roman Empire. The last time I traveled there I was in high school and Art History studies were fresh in my brain. Each Gallery stroll and Museum tour were rich in explanations and I lived what I learned. At that time I also dreamt of coming back to Rome as a curator one day. I returned to Israel and promised I'll be back.


Back to our story, with the Wanderlust Rolltop  on our backs we quickly got out of the queues at the airport and hopped on a bus to the historic city center. Espresso at Piazza Navona, a glass of beer in an alley nearby, tossing a coin to the Trevi Fountain to make sure we'll be back, and we started wandering the alleys and sites. I wanted to pass on to Ilia the love and excitement for the city in the little time we had. The top I brought me to combat the airplane ac wasn't needed anymore, so I tucked her in my Rolltop, which I knew is theft-proof thanks to the top zipper closure, roll and snap, freeing my eyes for exploration and my hands for snapping photos.

Lee Coren | From inspiration to the happy Confetti print

A short trip turned into a women's bags design

While Ilia seemed a bit discouraged that I was stopping to take pictures every two steps, I absorbed all the Italian I could through my camera lens. I love being a tourist, to stand still in the middle of all the hustle and bustle  and look slowly at all the details that make up the building facades, the courtyards, the typography that adorns the names next to them...

As the curator of these everyday details, my eyes rested on the picture below - vents in the wall that created a graceful composition alongside the building number. From all sites and views, this picture remained with me much later. I started to disassemble the elements in it, and when I reassembled them, my classic Confetti design was created. In a minimalist way it manages to convey the joy of life I was filled with that day in Italy and pass it on to our vegan women's bags and wallets

Lee Coren | How a short layover in Rome turned into a collection of bags and wallets for women

Add a touch of travel mood to your everyday. 

I just had to scatter the elegant Confetti flakes all over my women's vegan bags and wallets collection; from the Dulce Clutch and Chain evening bags, through the Everything Crossbody and Clutch bags, Mezzo tote bags and Metropolitan Backpacks - so that this happy design will accompany you 7 days a week and put a smile on your face, the one you have when traveling:). Some time later, when I created our women's wallets collection, it was natural to decorate them in it as well. The Confetti pattern is printed by hand using a traditional screen printing technique, with a shimmery finish and an ever changing appearance.

How A Short Layover in Rome Transformed Into a Collection of Women

A delicious meal of fresh made pasta and a glass of white wine later, we took a bus back to the airport. The next time we stopped in Rome, on our way back home, we decided to explore Fiumicino, the city where Rome Airport is located. It was cold, it was early in the morning in Italian terms, and the sleepy port town was closed. Already missing vibrant Rome, in those moments I couldn't see its own unique beauty. Looking back I realized the magic inherent in it, but that's for another post and visit.

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