How To Better Your Flight Experience

The feeling of getting on an aeroplane can affect people in so many different ways. Some love it (like Lee Coren!), the feeling that a vacation is just a flight away, some (myself included, Gemma here!) are not fans of being 38,000 ft in the air and some aren’t even phased by it.

From experience, I’m certain that your experience depends purely on how you allow yourself to feel. For years I’ve been told the fear is all in my head and as I’ve grown up I’ve realized it is, which doesn’t mean I’m not still worried to fly but when I’m organized and have everything for my journey in a bag next to me, I begin to feel slightly more calm.

What to take on a flight?

  1. I always take a bigger carry on luggage as I like to make sure I have everything to help me relax. A big backpack or a sturdy tote would be perfect, this way you can easily store everything you need.
  2. A wallet is of course a necessity as you’ll most probably need money at departure and on arrival, plus sometimes the on-board shopping can be quite good!
  3. A toiletry/makeup bag (store any minis you think you might need on your flight), wipes and/or sanitizing gel in case there’s no hand soap in the plane bathroom and if you’re flying long haul it’s always helpful to have a toothbrush, facial wipes and to keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer or facial cleanser.
  4. Your passport of course! You’re going nowhere without that! I find it less stressful if my passports easy to spot so I keep it in a noticeably bold passport wallet/holder and then place it in a smaller bag inside my backpack.
  5. Any in flight entertainment you might want (a book, music, a laptop/tablet) I feel that keeping myself busy if I can’t sleep on the flight is the only way to keep myself calm and is a great distraction.
  6. Anything else you feel you can’t live without for the duration of your flight. Whether it's 2 hours or 12 hours, if there’s anything you feel like you may be lost without, write yourself a reminder the day before you fly so you don’t forget the things you know you’ll need!

Another word of advice is BREATHE. Sounds stupid, I’m fully aware but doing specific breathing exercises can really help with any anxiety or nerves when flying. Sometimes we forget to breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth at a steady pace when we’re not in the right mindset but steady breathing is proven to help reduce stress and by focusing on getting air into your lungs, you’ll also stop overthinking so much.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. Keep thinking that as soon as you land, vacation mode turns on. Positive thoughts will help your journey feel a lot quicker.

- Gemma x, LC team