5 Ways To Celebrate Nature Photography Day

Imagine an entire day devoted to grabbing your camera or cell phone and exploring the world around us. Well this day is celebrated on June 15th and is one of my personal favorites and it's called Nature Photography Day. For all our photography lovers out there this day is perfect for you, and for our non- photography lovers we have 5 tips for you how you can get a breath of fresh air and experience the world as never before. 

Nature Photography Day - 5 Fun IdeasPhotograph by TaylorCutFilms

Here are a few ideas on how to take this opportunity to stop what you're doing right now, go outside, and embrace nature, brought to you by our team member, Taylor! 

1. Take a casual stroll or hike
For the not-so-athletic types (like myself) by taking a casual stroll around your neighborhood and devoting some time to soak in your surroundings, you're taking the time to appreciate nature. Strive to look at your surroundings in ways you never have before, finding beautiful and rare subjects to photograph! For those who feel capable, grab a friend and research challenging trails near you to hike. Getting outside and being active is beneficial for your overall mind, body, and soul.

Nature Photography Day - 5 Fun Ideas

2. Go on a Picnic
Who doesn't love to eat? Why not enjoy nature and eat all at the same time! One of my favorite summertime activities is to pack a bag of my favorite snacks and goodies and head outside. Our Wanderlust Rolltop backpack collection is perfect to take on any adventure, click here to check it out. I recommend packing snacks that are light and easy to transport. One of my favorites being sliced cucumber and pita chips with hummus. As long as you are outside it doesn't matter where your picnic takes place. It can be at your local park, at the beach, or even in your own backyard. Huge plus: it makes for a great photo!
 Nature Photography Day Ideas

3. Find a body of water near you
My happy place is the beach. Sitting by the water makes me feel alive and at peace. Unfortunately for me to get to the beach a 6 hour drive is typically required. For this reason, I have explored many rivers, lakes, and bodies of water closer to me. All having that similar euphoric affect as the ocean does. If you are in a similar situation to me I highly suggest doing this. If you have been blessed to live within a short driving distance of the ocean, use this day as an excuse to go. Make sure to layer up on that sunscreen! Our tote works as a perfect beach bag!

Nature Photography Day - 5 Fun Ideas

4. Bring Nature indoors
Sometimes embracing nature doesn't need to actually involve leaving your house. Growing up my kitchen was always flooded with flowers and plants of all kinds. Nature has a unique way of brightening up the lives of people around us. Find a local floristry or green house and splurge on some plants. Take your time observing each and every one picking your favorites. Continue to care for them everyday, taking a few minutes to appreciate their liveliness and beauty.

Nature Photography Day - 5 Fun Ideas

5. Go star-gazing
Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed with the pressures of everyday life, which is why it is so important to take a minute for yourself. It is easy to forget that the universe is much larger and complex than we can even imagine. Finding a spot away from the clutter of the world and looking up at the stars can be one of life's greatest feelings. It can challenge your perspective on the world and make you realize how incredibly mind-blowing out of space is. Before you know it life's little stresses will disappear when looking out to something so beautiful.

Nature Photography Day - 5 Fun Ideas

& Most importantly, just enjoy being in nature.