Nonprofits We Love: Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Every year thousands of animals are abandoned, injured, and forced to live in dangerous living conditions. Animals, being some of the most vulnerable creatures on planet earth need protection. Thanks to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, thousands of rescued dogs have been given a second chance at life.

Who are the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation?
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation was founded by Marc Ching, who has worked hard to uncover the harsh realities of animal abuse and change the way animal rescues are viewed. The organizations mission revolves around finding abused animals, providing full rehabilitation services and eventually finding them their forever homes. We found this organization's mission to be inspiring and unique. Different from a lot of other rescues, this organization takes in not only shelter animals or strays, but animals that have been through severe trauma. 

Animal Hope & Wellness FoundationHere you can see firsthand just how sad these dog's realities can be.

What is the inspiration behind the organization?
While Ching was expanding the reach of his foundation "PetStaurant" globally, he discovered something he would never forget. After learning about the brutal practice of torturing and slaughtering dogs for meat during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, he was determined to do what he could to make a change. Ching now completes dangerous undercover missions to capture the horrible abuse that takes place. Although Ching often finds himself in dangerous situations, he wouldn't change a thing. Standing by these animals is his passion.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation
Here is a sweet photo of Ching himself with one of his rescues! 

What makes Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation so special to us?
The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation is an organization fueled with passion, making it so difficult not to fall in love with. As animal lovers, it is amazing to discover an organization with such amazing outreach and success. Seeing dogs given a second chance at life and finding their forever homes warms our hearts.

The Animal Hope & Wellness FoundationHere is Evie being adopted by her new family! "She is the sweetest dog. That gave me the liberty of life for a short time. She was so hopeful when I met her. The day we adopted her out, kissed me. Told me in the way some of them do, “I am rescued.”

How can you get involved?
If you are left feeling as inspired as we are there are countless of ways you can get involved. Some of which include completing a one-time or monthly donation, hosting a fundraiser, sending gifts, donating to honor someone special, or even donating your vehicle. To learn more about these options click here. There are also volunteer opportunity's such as fostering or dog walking. Together we can ensure a future where animals are no longer voiceless victims to neglect!

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation Here is Ching's partner and what they like to call "mother of the dogs"