Nonprofits We Love: The Humane League

It breaks our hearts to know that farm animals across the globe are living in unnatural and unsafe conditions. With the number of farm animals growing, it is expected that this mistreatment will continue or even worsen. Thats why The Humane League, an inspiring nonprofit organization, left us feeling grateful for all of the hard work they do to protect the lives of these innocent animals.

Who are The Humane League?
The Humane League has a unique and passion-driven mission. With the use of education programs, corporate campaigns, outreach programs, networking of organizations, and supporters around the world they are making steps towards reducing the suffering of farm animals. By connecting concerned individuals from around the world they are able to build a powerful movement against such abuse. 

The Humane LeagueHere you can see Sheep being loaded onto live export ships, unaware of the brutal and inhumane treatment they have yet to endure.

What is the inspiration behind the organization?
The Humane League hopes to continue fighting against the mistreatment of these animals while inspiring people to make more compassionate food selections. With partners in over 50 countries that are making impactful changes around the global. Their virtual volunteer team, Grassroots Activists, and College Campuses continue to grow, bringing awareness and change!

The Humane LeagueThanks to nonprofit organizations like The Humane League, some Hens get to escape their horrible living conditions and experience a happy ending.

What makes The Humane League so special to us?
As animal lovers it truly amazes us that this organization is working hard to give these animals the voice they never had. We believe that no farm animal should suffer from mistreatment, injury, illness, or premature death. These animals deserve to live long lives in healthy conditions.

The Humane League
Check out this sweet little guy! Every farm animal deserves the chance to live. Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / @weanimals

How can you get involved?
The humane League makes it extremely easy for you to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of farm animals! They have offices located all over and by clicking here you can sign up to become a part of The Humane League. Unique to The Humane League they also offer various volunteer and internship opportunities to those who wish to get hands on with the organization. If none of these options seem right for you, you have the options to sign up for the Humane League's Fast Action Network. This allows you to work with the organization a few times a week, anywhere in the world, and to assist The Humane Leagues efforts to end factory farming.

The Humane League"One hundred and fifteen activists representing 40 organizations, from 43 different countries, gathered together for four days of hands-on training, networking, and strategic planning around the coalition's goal of eliminating battery cages worldwide."