Packing Guide - City Break

Over packing is the easiest thing to do. Whether you’re traveling the world with a loved one, taking a city break with the girls or you’re in need of a one night get away, some of us find it almost impossible to pack the right items and the right quantity. I am also very guilty of this, which is why an easy packing list can be the most useful thing when picking out what to take! 

To help you pack accordingly next time you jet off, I’ve put together a guide of objects and luggage you won’t regret taking on your next city break travels.

Suitcase: yes or no?
Depending on the duration of your trip, think sensibly. For a couple of nights, it’s almost not worth taking a full sized suitcase and the larger luggage you take, the more items you think you’ll need to fill it up. My recommendation would be to take carry on luggage, saving you money and a lot of time at both ends of the flight!

My advice to anyone traveling for a couple of nights would be to simply take as little as you can. Remember the necessities enough underwear, pj’s and clothes to suitable for the environment you’ll be in (For more specifics, check out of packing list).

The Wanderlust Rolltop is the perfect fit. It can easily fit your clothes, toiletries and on the go travel essentials and once you’ve checked into your hotel/apartment, simply empty your backpack and use it to explore.

Evening bag that doubles as a toiletry bag:
My best recommendation is to take a multi functional purse which will save you a lot of space when traveling. The Everything Fold Over Clutch is perfect for your minis (shampoo, conditioner, SPF face cream, toothbrush, toothpaste etc) but can be emptied and used as a glamorous clutch! Why carry an extra bag when you’ve got yourself a 2-in-1!


The best way to keep your passport safe is by keeping it in a passport wallet/case so it’s easy to find, quickly. The worst thing you can do is bury it deep in your backpack and have a mini heart attack when you think you’ve lost it. A distinctive, bold passport wallet is perfect to keep it noticeable and safe!

Remember, the less you take, the less you carry. Think of how an item is useful, when you’ll need it and why you need it before packing an excessive amount. to make your life a little bit easier, here's  "7 Easy Steps For Any Vacationdownloadable packing list  - Click Here to download.

Bon Voyage!