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Saving Luli

I found Luli on one of the coldest winter nights when she was only a couple of months old. She wasn't moving, her tiny body was cold, and her front leg showed severe signs of a hit-and-run. After a few, I heard a faint 'meow', and rushed her to the emergency vet clinic down the street. On the phone, they told me she'll be long gone before they'll get there. I insisted, because she was.

Luli was suffering from hypothermia, dehydration, and the wound in her leg was in nasty shape, spreading infection fast. She had to go into surgery for amputation of her front leg at a fragile age and in that acute physical state. I was made very clear she might not make it, but she did. She survived that surgery and another one a week later. Luli's a fighter. She wanted to live.

Luli Coren Amenuel

Last week (moving forward about 3 years of absolute cuteness) we were told she needed eye surgery. Otherwise, she'll lose both and risk spreading infection. Probably a complication caused by that traumatic night all those years ago. The surgery alone costs $1700. So, we've created this limited edition low cost bag to help cover the costs!

Luli Bag - Lee Coren

Luli By Kiril CherikoverAll profits go to pay for Luli's surgery

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Available until December 9th only.