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Around Here — Travel

Our travel destinations, tips and tricks for traveling, scenes from around the studio, vegan fashion & lifestyle, favorite vegan recipes and more. New post every Thursday!

Packing Guide - City Break

Over packing is the easiest thing to do. Whether you’re traveling the world with a loved one, taking a city break with the girls or you’re in need of a one night get away, some of us find it almost impossible to pack the right items and the right quantity. I am also very guilty of this, which is why an easy packing list can be the most useful thing when picking out what to take!  To help you pack accordingly next time you jet off, I’ve put together a guide of objects and luggage you won’t regret taking on your next city break travels. Suitcase: yes or no?Depending on the duration of your trip, think sensibly. For a couple...
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How To Better Your Flight Experience

The feeling of getting on an aeroplane can affect people in so many different ways. Some love it (like Lee Coren!), the feeling that a vacation is just a flight away, some (myself included, Gemma here!) are not fans of being 38,000 ft in the air and some aren’t even phased by it. From experience, I’m certain that your experience depends purely on how you allow yourself to feel. For years I’ve been told the fear is all in my head and as I’ve grown up I’ve realized it is, which doesn’t mean I’m not still worried to fly but when I’m organized and have everything for my journey in a bag next to me, I begin to feel slightly...
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Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum (Arabic: Sand Valley), also known as The Valley of the Moon, is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan. Lonely Planet sums the experience accurately: "Wadi Rum is everything you’d expect of a quintessential desert: it is extreme in summer heat and winter cold; it is violent and moody as the sun slices through chiseled siqs (canyons) at dawn or melts the division between rock and sand at dusk; it is exacting on the Bedouin who live in it and vengeful on those who ignore its dangers. For most visitors, on half- or full-day trips from Aqaba or Petra, Wadi Rum offers one of the easiest and safest glimpses of the desert in...
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5 Ways To Celebrate Nature Photography Day

Imagine an entire day devoted to grabbing your camera or cell phone and exploring the world around us. Well this day is celebrated on June 15th and is one of my personal favorites and it's called Nature Photography Day. For all our photography lovers out there this day is perfect for you, and for our non- photography lovers we have 5 tips for you how you can get a breath of fresh air and experience the world as never before.  Photograph by TaylorCutFilms Here are a few ideas on how to take this opportunity to stop what you're doing right now, go outside, and embrace nature, brought to you by our team member, Taylor!  1. Take a casual stroll or hikeFor the not-so-athletic types (like myself) by...
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Beach Vacay! What do you need?

Escaping to a sandy, clear watered beach is the best feeling. Whether you’re going for a week or two, some things are entirely necessary and not worth leaving behind. Here's a short Q&A with our summer-loving, travel-happy Gemma: Q: Beach bag? A: Get yourself a nice tote bag that you can fit all your beach bits into but is also strong and sturdy enough to carry at least 2 litres of water (hydration is key)! Q: But what if sand gets into my tote? A: Getting sand into your belongings is SO annoying, as if you don’t find it in places you didn’t think sand could reach, you find it covering your belongings. You need to buy a smaller bag...
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Introducing: The Guardian Print

I'll be the first to admit, I never really paid much attention to brick buildings. Maybe because they were foreign to my eyes as we don't have them in Israel, or simply because of how massive they are. But last September I felt a rush of comfort wash over me as one of them caught my eye. Here's why. Looking at this building, the image of the floating protector extracting from the wall, I felt watched over in a big city. This feeling inspired the Guardian print. I hope it will accompany you through many happy adventures, in the city and beyond.
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The Curated Commute

Whether you're on the plane, bus or train, for a long or short ride - I've compiled a list of reads and listens that will not only pass time while commuting, but also enrich the journey ♥  #1Dictionnaire des Religionsby Mircea Eliade Book | Long read that can be segmented Don’t be alarmed by it’s title, the "Dictionary of Religions" is a fascinating book, and one of my all-time favorites! As he completed his monumental: “History of Religious Beliefs and Ideas”, Mircea Eliade wished to unite the result of a life devoted to the history of religions in one volume. This dictionary is the fruit of this phenomenal work. It offers not only important articles on the different religions of the world but also a...
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Studio Vacation

Hi all, I know that if you are a little bit like me, you like to plan ahead (or at least try to), so I wanted to let you know that the studio will be taking a vacation soon. We'll be closed from September 14 until October 15. While our online shop will remain open, orders placed within these dates will be processed only when we return, starting October 16th.If you planned to gift yourself - for a special event ahead, far away horizons you’re about to explore, for a new job, the new school year, or simply for the fun of it, or if you planned on gifting someone dear to you - now's the time :) This sun-loving collection was designed and...
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Printable Luggage Tags

Happy Holidays! I know a lot of you will be traveling near and far this season to visit your loved ones and spend the holidays with them, so I wanted to make sure you're all set to go - and return. Last November I landed back home to find myself standing at the doorstep locked out on 4 in the morning because we picked up the wrong luggage at the airport. Who knew luggage tags are so important? :) I made this free PDF of printable luggage tags for you to adorn your belongings! You can print the 2 pages back to back for maximum style and using heavier card stock is recommended to avoid wrinkling.Have fun! and if you like...
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Why I Love Greece

A photo story by yours truly, of our amazing 10 days in Greece last year (Not in the photos but dear in our hearts: our intimate wedding ceramony in Heraklion). Between the old city, the nightlife areas, the beaches and the mountains, inspiration was just waiting to be harvested. A year and half later, these images have bloomed into our newest collection. Why do I love Greece? The answer is really easy, inspiration is all around. left: Athenes, right: Elounda, CreteElounda, CreteAgiou Nikolaou, Crete Chania, Crete The White Mountains or Lefka Ori, West Crete
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