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Lee Coren Ethics & Sustainability

Lee Coren Studio - Ethics and Sustainability


I believe that fashion can and should be cruelty free for both animals and humans. The Lee Coren brand is 100% vegan, ethically handmade from sustainable materials sourced from local independent vendors. All our items are sweatshop-free and animal friendly. We are proud to be a PETA Approved Vegan Brand.

PETA Approved Vegan Fashion Brand


Lee Coren textiles and bags are 100% free of animal by-product. That means no silk, no fur, no wool, no down feathers, no leather! We use a variety of fabrics including raw cotton, polyurethane, ultra-leather, faux suede and up-cycled or overstock polyester.

Various vegan leathers are used in production, most common is PVC, but we go the extra mile to source PU (polyurethane). PU is much less harmful for the environment than PVC and I make it a point to use it whenever possible, while continuously trying to improve the standards for all our materials.

We make all of our vegan bags and printed textiles here in Israel, while importing some fabric we cannot source here, from Italy. I'm working to ensure that I'm supporting safe and fair working conditions across our supply chain and that our products are made with integrity.

Lee Coren Studio - Ethics and Sustainability

The Studio

Each Lee Coren bag is unique because it is made with heart and passion piece by piece. I work with the best qualified craftsmen and craftswomen to bring you handbags, backpacks, clutches and travel accessories that are built to last, but never boring. All of the screen printing process is done in-house as well as cutting, finishings and everything around it, while sewing is kept for the best hands in their field. For our digital line I have partnered with a local small business to bring my designs to life.

By keeping great parts of the manufacturing process in-house and to-order, we're also able to reduce waste and utilize remnants for different purposes. Even the smallest parts are transformed into the items hangtags.  


I am constantly working on reducing our eco foot print while keeping your LC items safe on their way. When you order your Lee Coren bags online they will arrive either in an envelope or a box, both fully recyclable, and within a sealed clear polybag. I know, polybags are evil, but with international shipping in mind we want to be sure that your items arrive as fresh as they left the studio. I'm working on future solutions who involve less waste. At your end, please dispose the polybag at your local plastic bag recycling facility.

Lee Coren Packaging