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Article: Nonprofits We Love: SeaLegacy


Nonprofits We Love: SeaLegacy

Where would we be without our oceans? SeaLegacy is an extraordinary nonprofit society that we are excited to share with you all. As lovers of the sea and all things living, we were amazed to see how SeaLegacy is using their experience in conservation and technology to build a better future for our worlds oceans.

Who are SeaLegacy?
SeaLegacy, cofounded in 2014 by Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen, is working towards creating healthy and abundant oceans for us and for the planet. They hope to spark a global conversation, and further inspire people to take action.

SeaLegacyThis heartbreaking photo captures just how vulnerable Fin whales have become. One of the many majestic animals that deserve to be protected.

What is the inspiration behind the organization?
"Without healthy oceans we cannot survive." Our oceans are more important today than ever. They can completely change the way we eat, live, and breathe. Due to overfishing, climate change, pollution, and acidification our oceans are in serious trouble. With the help of some renowned photographers, filmmakers and storytellers, SeaLegacy is able to capture their expeditions, create different campaigns, start a global conversation, and work towards a change. 

SeaLegacyWe just can't get over this adorable photo taken by @simonagerphotography of a baby fur seal on the Galapagos Islands! 

What makes SeaLegacy special to us?
SeaLegacy's passion and commitment to protecting our world's oceans inspires and motivates us to make a change. This powerful organization is taking great steps in letting the world know that we are in serious trouble and there are thing we can do to fix this. We believe that all life should be cherished and protected, and that healthy oceans are necessary for us and for the planet.

SeaLegacy "A reminder of how productive and vibrant the cold water ecosystems can be and how important they are to our planet's health." Photo of King Penguins by @justinhofman.

How can you get involved?
If you feel just as passionate about the SeaLegacy as we do, there are different ways you can get involved. You can help make a difference in our worlds oceans by making a donation to SeaLegacy and by Joining The Tide today! By deciding to Join The Tide you are joining a community passionate about the health and sustainability of our oceans. You can also explore their website to learn more about why healthy oceans are essential to all life on our planet and how we all can help make a difference.

SeaLegacyCheck out this cuddly photo captured by @DaisyGilardini in Polar bear country!


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