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Vegan bags & lifestyle fashion accessories brand inspired by modern exploration


"Functional and casual, yet chic, this backpack by Lee Coren is the perfect travel companion. I have been taking this one around with me daily and it is undoubtedly my current favorite! Living in one of the busiest cities in the world, a good bag is absolutely necessary." A Cup Of Joan with a fun post all about her new Metropolitan Backpack! Check out more images and her detailed review here
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5 Vegan Fashion Brands You’ll Love, That Are Also Ethically Made

Cruelty free for both animals and humans, with these vegan fashion brands you can style guilt-free. Proud to be featured on Buzzfeed with amazing brands Noumenon, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, Vaute Couture and Votch! Check it out
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Printable Luggage Tags

Happy Holidays! I know a lot of you will be traveling near and far this season to visit your loved ones and spend the holidays with them, so I wanted to make sure you're all set to go - and return. Last November I landed back home to find myself standing at the doorstep locked out on 4 in the morning because we picked up the wrong luggage at the airport. Who knew luggage tags are so important? :) I made these free printable luggage tags for you to adorn your belongings! You can print the 2 pages back to back for maximum style and using heavier card stock is recommended to avoid wrinkling.Have fun! and if you like the...
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Gift Guides!

LOVE seeing our bags on so many different gift guides this season!Here are some of the beautiful collections: 1Get Stylish / Passion Shake Featuring our go-to Stone Foldover Clutch 2Holiday Gift Guide: Black / Miss Moss Featuring our Envelope Clutch & Strap (sold out on the one showed, sorry guys! Click here for the black on black version): 3Ladies' Night / New Mexico Magazine Featuring our Chama River Clutch, made in collaboration with Craig Varjabedian exclusively for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum 4The Trendiest Guide / ItalianBark Featuring our classic Portofino Pouch in Confetti Black on Black  What's your favorite one? xxLee
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Why I Love Greece

A photo story by yours truly, of our amazing 10 days in Greece last year (Not in the photos but dear in our hearts: our intimate wedding ceramony in Heraklion). Between the old city, the nightlife areas, the beaches and the mountains, inspiration was just waiting to be harvested. A year and half later, these images have bloomed into our newest collection. Why do I love Greece? The answer is really easy, inspiration is all around. left: Athenes, right: Elounda, CreteElounda, CreteAgiou Nikolaou, Crete Chania, Crete The White Mountains or Lefka Ori, West Crete
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The MIA Interview

  I recently had the pleasure working with and interviewing for the Minneapolis Institute of Art Stories. Mia Stories is the museum beyond the walls, outside the frame, at the lively intersection of life and art. Check out the full interview here: Lee Coren on travel, the appeal of deserts, and how nature is sewn into her textiles in the Store at Mia  
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Our 4th birthday!

4 years ago today I shot my first collection with Aya Wind​, who also became my best friend that day and ever since. In 2 weeks our new collection will be up in the webshops and brick and mortars around the globe, and I'm so proud of it. Thank you all for making this dream possible! Below, photos from the lookbook that started it allהיום לפני 4 שנים צילמתי עם​ איה ווינד (שמאותו יום נהייתה גם החברה הכי טובה שלי) את הקולקציה הראשונה למותג שלא ידעתי מה יצמח ממנו, אבל נורא רציתי לנסות. בעוד כשבועיים תעלה לאוויר ותנחת בחנויות קולקציה שאני גאה בה מאוד, אולי הכי :) תודה לכל הלקוחות הנפלאות והנפלאים שלי שמאפשרים לי לעשות את מה שאני הכי אוהבת, כל...
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I can swear time is moving faster as we get closer to the new items launch! Here's a bit more from what's going on in the studio. Next time - items sneak peek ;) - All days should be shipping days really. This is how we pack Rolltops and Weekenders, ready to travel and see the world with you! - New patterns inspired by our trip to Greece last year, ready to be screen printed into new items #comingsooooooonDid you know we now tweet? a few years behind, but loving it nonetheless. Join us! xxLee
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Around the Studio

It's getting crazy over here with new items and visual stories coming SO soon! Here are a few moments from around our small textile studio. More to follow! - New postcards and patterns inspired by our wedding trip to Greece a year+ ago. Can't wait to show you more! oh! Follow us on Instagram for day to day updates, inspirations and behind the scenes moments Talk to you soon,Lee
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Summer in the desert

It's no secret my deep nature love is for the desert.  My Nevada print photo was taken at the Valley Of Fire during a hot summer day adventure. The park derives its name from red sandstone formations, the Aztec Sandstone, which formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs. These features often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun's rays. Located 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Las Vegas, it's the perfect day hike or drive to incorporate to your road trip (and what west coast road trip doesn't end in a night in Vegas?). Covering an area of almost 42,000 acres, there's plenty to explore. Back to our short voyage - here's a bit more of this beautiful day in the...
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