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Vegan bags & lifestyle fashion accessories brand inspired by modern exploration

Introducing: The Dérive Crossbody

I'm excited to introduce to you our new camera crossbody bags! Experience the lightness and softness of our vegan suede crossbody bags. Amped with a crisp wide shoulder strap, this bag will be your constant companion, hand crafted for uncompromising comfort. Made from the softest vegan suede, we screen print each piece with our minimalist and fun Confetti design. Arrives in 4 colors, ready to make everything better: Lee x
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Introducing: The Guardian Print

I'll be the first to admit, I never really paid much attention to brick buildings. Maybe because they were foreign to my eyes as we don't have them in Israel, or simply because of how massive they are. But last September I felt a rush of comfort wash over me as one of them caught my eye. Here's why. Looking at this building, the image of the floating protector extracting from the wall, I felt watched over in a big city. This feeling inspired the Guardian print. I hope it will accompany you through many happy adventures, in the city and beyond.
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לי קורן מתארחת בפודקאסט פופקורן

״כשפוגשים את לי קורן קשה להאמין שמאחוריה מותג שנמכר ב Urban Outfitters ו Antropology. היא כל כך צנועה, ושקטה, ועם זאת, היא יודעת בדיוק מה היא עושה. לי מתרגמת דימויים ממסעות בעולם ומנופים אורבניים, למוצרי טקסטיל תחת מותג האקססוריז הטבעוני שלה.  אחרי שסיימה את התואר בתקשורת חזותית היא התחילה לעבוד כמעצבת בסטודיו לעיצוב. האמת שהיא תמיד חשבה שזה החלום שלה אבל עדיין משהו לא עזב אותה - נותר בה געגוע לטקסטיל.  לאט לאט היא מצאה את עצמה לומדת איך לפתוח בכוחות עצמה עסק. כן, כולל טבלאות אקסל סבוכות. אז איך היא הצליחה להקים עסק שמעורר עניין בחו”ל, תופס תאוצה וצובר הצלחה שאפילו היא לא ציפתה לה? ואיך מוצאים זמן ליצירה עצמה בזמן שצריך לנהל עסק? להאזנה באתר של ליאור פרנקל    ...
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The Curated Commute

Whether you're on the plane, bus or train, for a long or short ride - I've compiled a list of reads and listens that will not only pass time while commuting, but also enrich the journey ♥  #1Dictionnaire des Religionsby Mircea Eliade Book | Long read that can be segmented Don’t be alarmed by it’s title, the "Dictionary of Religions" is a fascinating book, and one of my all-time favorites! As he completed his monumental: “History of Religious Beliefs and Ideas”, Mircea Eliade wished to unite the result of a life devoted to the history of religions in one volume. This dictionary is the fruit of this phenomenal work. It offers not only important articles on the different religions of the world but also a...
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Studio Vacation

Hi all, I know that if you are a little bit like me, you like to plan ahead (or at least try to), so I wanted to let you know that the studio will be taking a vacation soon. We'll be closed from September 14 until October 15. While our online shop will remain open, orders placed within these dates will be processed only when we return, starting October 16th.If you planned to gift yourself - for a special event ahead, far away horizons you’re about to explore, for a new job, the new school year, or simply for the fun of it, or if you planned on gifting someone dear to you - now's the time :) This sun-loving collection was designed and...
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Random Musings #2

Hi all, It's been a crazy 1st half of the year for us, and it wouldn't have been possible without your love and support to what I do, so THANK YOU.Looking into the 2nd half of the year I found the following articles inspiring and heart-filling. Hope you'll enjoy them as well: Who doesn't need a fresh wish list of destinations? From the thousands of getaways to explore this year, here are some ideas to get you started rounded up in a beautiful virtual experience by NY Times. I marked the Atacama Desert, Chile at the top of my list, what about you?  Explore More An inspiring podcast interviewing Design Sponge’s Grace Bonney on what she learned from 100 boss ladies,...
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"Functional and casual, yet chic, this backpack by Lee Coren is the perfect travel companion. I have been taking this one around with me daily and it is undoubtedly my current favorite! Living in one of the busiest cities in the world, a good bag is absolutely necessary." A Cup Of Joan with a fun post all about her new Metropolitan Backpack! Check out more images and her detailed review here
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5 Vegan Fashion Brands You’ll Love, That Are Also Ethically Made

Cruelty free for both animals and humans, with these vegan fashion brands you can style guilt-free. Proud to be featured on Buzzfeed with amazing brands Noumenon, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, Vaute Couture and Votch! Check it out
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Printable Luggage Tags

Happy Holidays! I know a lot of you will be traveling near and far this season to visit your loved ones and spend the holidays with them, so I wanted to make sure you're all set to go - and return. Last November I landed back home to find myself standing at the doorstep locked out on 4 in the morning because we picked up the wrong luggage at the airport. Who knew luggage tags are so important? :) I made these free printable luggage tags for you to adorn your belongings! You can print the 2 pages back to back for maximum style and using heavier card stock is recommended to avoid wrinkling.Have fun! and if you like the...
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Gift Guides!

LOVE seeing our bags on so many different gift guides this season!Here are some of the beautiful collections: 1Get Stylish / Passion Shake Featuring our go-to Stone Foldover Clutch 2Holiday Gift Guide: Black / Miss Moss Featuring our Envelope Clutch & Strap (sold out on the one showed, sorry guys! Click here for the black on black version): 3Ladies' Night / New Mexico Magazine Featuring our Chama River Clutch, made in collaboration with Craig Varjabedian exclusively for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum 4The Trendiest Guide / ItalianBark Featuring our classic Portofino Pouch in Confetti Black on Black  What's your favorite one? xxLee
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