Nonprofits We Love: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

As ocean and animal lovers, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an inspiring non-profit organization that we are excited to share with you all. With 71% of the earth's surface is covered in water, the ocean is home to many living organisms that must be protected. This organization is taking steps everyday to make this happen.

Who are Sea Shepherd Conservation Society?
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (often called SSCS) is an international nonprofit marine wildlife conservation organization with an extraordinary mission of protecting wildlife in the today's ocean. 

Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyOne of Sea Shepherd projects includes teaming up with environmentally conscious divers to follow a carefully-developed Diver Code of Conduct. Ensuring maximum enjoyment of our oceans with minimal negative impact on precious marine creatures!

What is the inspiration behind the organization?
With the hopes of protecting many different ecosystems and species, SSCS aspires to one day end the destruction of habitat and ocean wildlife completely. The organization, originally founded in 1977 by Paul Wastor, uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when needed to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. 

Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyThis beautiful sea turtle was rescued by a member of the Bob Barker crew earlier this year. We are in awe!

What makes Sea Shepherd Conservation Society so special to us? 
We absolutely love what this organization stands for and the difference they are trying to make in today's oceans. They are working hard to not only protect today's sea life, but to ensure that future generations of sea life will have the opportunity to grow and improve.

Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyThis adorable photo was taken during Operation Desert Seal!

How can you get involved?
If you are passionate about the ocean and its habitant's there are countless of ways you can get involved. There are amazing hand-on volunteer opportunities that include crewing at sea, onshore volunteering, and ground crew. You can also help make a difference in the lives of these animals by simply becoming apart of the Eco-Crime Watch, keeping an eye out for any illegal activity. To learn more about these options or how to donate just click here!

Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyThese are a few of Sea Shepherd's part-time volunteer heroes themselves!